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Seed Swap

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The Humber Avenue seed swap box is located in the community room. Let’s help reduce seed waste by swapping what we don’t need!

Rules: .The seed swap box must remain in the community room! .Every time you want to take seeds out the box you must make a seed donation. .Seeds must be donated in a way that they will not fall out of their packaging (ideally a small envelope). .Shop bought-Donated seeds do not have to be in original packaging. Seeds must be clearly show the full name and sow by date that is on the original packaging at a minimum. Please put “Sow by” plus the date clearly on the seeds. .Saved seeds- Donated seeds must show that they are saved seed. The envelope must clearly show the full name and the date they were collected at a minimum.

Any questions contact Ruth Allan via the contact us form.

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