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About Us


Humber Avenue Community Allotments (HACA) is a site of over 100 plots where we endeavour to build an inclusive community so that those from all sorts of backgrounds are able to participate in the joys of gardening.


HACA is a Community Interest Company who manage the allotments on behalf of Worthing Borough Council since 2021. As a community interest company we reinvest any surplus capital back into the community to make allotmenteering accessible for all. We strive to make improvements that benefit all plot holders as well as those in the wider community. 


Our vision for the allotment is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives through being active allotmenteers and creating a place of enjoyment, social interaction, education and relaxation for the community.


We have now created multiple accessible plots which range in size and styles to ensure people with varying visible and invisible health conditions are able to keep gardening. We have charities who rent plots from us so that their clients can have access to a safe and accepting growing space as we know the benefits of gardening are wide reaching. It is important to us that as many people as possible from all walks of life can benefit from using our allotment. We are also the only allotment site in Worthing to offer a rent discount to people with disabilities.


Going forward we aim to make our allotment site as eco-friendly as possible by trying to leave some spaces for the local wildlife to flourish whilst we grow our lovely fruits and vegetables. We have a plot holder attending meetings with a background in biodiversity to help us achieve this goal. We are hoping to build a new social room on site which will be a great resource in helping to teach our potholders how to garden and to be mindful of the local wildlife.


There is a car park on site and the gates are open every Saturday and Sunday morning between 10 and 12 when the WAGA shop is also for business (membership fees apply). You are welcome to pop in and speak to a member of our allotment community. 


Humber Avenue Allotments 

Humber Avenue, 


West Sussex, 

BN13 3NN.

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